Outdated, Apple Already Stops Macbook Air Production

Techno NewsMacBook Air is one of the most popular series among Apple’s line of laptop products. But an internal news from Foxconn said Apple will not release anymore MacBook Air latest version. Foxconn is Apple’s partner company that assembles all Apple products.

“I think it’s pretty clear that Apple will never release a new product under the Air brand again,” Foxconn informant said flatly as quoted by BGR on Saturday June 04.

The reason, light and professional factors that became selling Macbook Air, currently no longer relevant. Both of those things did become a sale Macbook Air when he first came out in 2008. In order to achieve the label “thinnest laptop in the world“, Macbook even sacrifice the performance and slot of existing connections. But now, almost all Apple products and poker online terpercaya competitors are as thin and light as Air. This is what makes Water more obsolete.

For that, now Apple no longer separates the type of product by their size or thickness. Because the new laptop they make now been designed with a minimalist size and lightweight to carry. Just look at the size comparison of MacBook Air thickness with the latest MacBook Pro with size 13 inches. When the MacBook Air has a thinness of 1.7 cm, the MacBook Pro is even thinner 1.5 cm.

“By 2016 when almost all products from Apple and competitors are thin and light, Air category is a mere repetition,” added the Foxconn man again.

It’s been two years later Apple has no longer released the latest version of MacBook Air. Apple had issued a new version in 2016, but no significant changes to the Macbook Air released at that time. Earlier this year, Wccftech cited IHS Securities analysts‘ estimates that Apple will reduce production of the MacBook by as much as 16 percent.

Based on the observation of the news site, Apple has even pulled the 11.6 inch laptop is offline and online (on the Apple site). Currently, the company’s technology giant Cupertino’s plan to replace the Air with 13.3-inch Macbook laptop that slid late last year.

But, with a production cut of 16 percent, maybe this model will also be stopped. Therefore, Apple already has a 10nm processor iPad Pro. Apple pushes iPad Pro to be used for basic computing. So it is expected to replace the Macbook Air. Additional keyboards plus better iPad Pro screens and speakers, are expected to be a better offer than the aging Macbook Air.