Muffle Google, Baidu Release and Market Automobile in 2020

Techno News – The technological giant from the country of bamboo curtain, Baidu claimed to be ready to bring their autonomous cars within a period of no more agen poker than three years into the future. This seems to answer the challenges of technology companies like Google and Apple who are also working on it.

Quoted from Reuters, Baidu Inc. will release a carless car technology in July. Baidu is currently opening new autonomous car technology in a limited environment.

This is Baidu’s step before introducing a fully-fledged car technology. Baidu said they will introduce fully automated driver capabilities on the highways and open city roads by 2020.

Baidu-driven car uses autonomous driving technology “AutoBrain“. These include highly automated driving (HAD) mapping to record 3-dimensional road data within a few centimeters of vehicle position accuracy.

In addition to technology companies, conventional car manufacturers have also been many who began daring leaked their car without a driver’s car. BMW recently, also said that their car without a driver may be sold after 2020.

Another German manufacturer, Audi has also dared to test their car without a driver on the streets. Audi is allowed to test cars on the streets of New York.

However, the offer of sophistication does not entirely make people confident to drive using a car without a driver or autonomous judi togel in the future. Fear of errors in the system of compilation and hackers has not yet completely made the public believe about autonomous car safety.