Apple Will Sacrifice Important Features For The Little Screen

Techno News – In order to make the design of the iPhone 8 screen is wider and minimal frame, Apple is rumored to be removing the Touch ID feature. Not without reason, person analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPhone 8 does offer a wider screen but the company does not want to change the size of the phone becomes larger when held. That is the reason why Apple chose to remove the Touch ID from the latest design iPhone 8.

However, Kuo says Apple will replace the Home button judi online terpercaya with a new one and the current area will be replaced with another function.

“We expect the iPhone to adopt a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a physical OLED panel. The actual screen area will be 5.15 inches in size and the rest will be redundant for other functions (such as the use of virtual keys)”.

Kuo further confirms that is considering plans to replace the Touch IS with biometric technology such as face recognition sensors. In short, the Touch ID area will have TouchBar-like functionality on the latest MacBook Pro. Users can change control as desired, but the shortcut settings will be lost when the phone is used.

In addition to offering a minimal frame display, Kuo also confirmed the latest iPhone is supported by a larger capacity battery. The decision to switch to a previous OLED display surfaced when CEO of LG Display Han Sang-beom confirmed the switch from Apple’s product from the often-used LCD screen. But as the main screen supplier for the iPhone, LG Display ensures Apple will not fully adopt OLED yet.

Apple Preparing to Make Chargers of iPhone Battery Wireless

Apple, the iPhone smartphone manufacturer, is exploring a partnership with Power Consortium Wireless, which consists of 200 organizations promoting wireless Agen Poker charging standards. The partnership further blows the news that is blending wireless battery charging for the next iPhone design.

Apple reportedly joined the organization of the industry group last week. Rumors of this wireless feature will be applied to iPhone 8 battery charging. The iPhone’s new smart phone itself is said to be sliding in autumn this year to mark the 10th anniversary of Apple’s smartphone.

Actually, this company has already shown an interest in wireless technology. The design watches, for example, offer a magnetic battery charging for $ 79. In fact, the latest Macbook comes with just one USB port.

Apple plans to open the tap of revenue from iPhone sales with melego wireless charging station separately. This feature will make it easier to charge your smartphone.

In an official statement, Apple claims to have joined the Power Consortium Wireless to contribute the idea of ​​developing wireless charging. Rumor says, the cordless charging feature will be followed by a redesign, such as an edge-to-edge phone screen, and the removal of the home button.